Women who are waiting
People have lost their bodies
and they want them back
Alexander Lowen (MD, psychotherapist)
to get down from the stilts.
Many women are waiting for a chance to get down from the stilts. But they are afraid to be called “unfashionable”, and so they prefer deception. 

Like a young and blazoned member of the international jet set, invited to a lavish wedding in Milan, including two nights of party and dance preceding the religious ceremony.

The first night she attracted everyone’s attention with her stunning looks, snake-leather sandals with 18-cm heels and golden laces from ankle to knew. Above it, a simple short tunic highlighting her slam legs, her back upright like a dancer on pointe. A triumph.

And also a tour de force: once out of the limousine, she had to look for tables and chairs to stendi herself between conversations. The second night she pretended to be ill, to avoid the punishment of walking on such disproportionately high heels again. Just a break before the church ceremony, in another pair of sandals, also 18-cm high.

Fatema Mernissi wrote that if Islamic women are prisoners of the burka, western women on their part are slaves of size S. And recently, a French designer said in an interview with Elle (France): “You see more and more women who seem victims of orthopedic problems.”

The arrival of Body Conscious Design in fashion can be compared to the abandonment of corsetto at the end of the nineteenth century. The fantasie and sadistic sophisms of designers who do not respect women’s bodies lost their appeal. An epoca change at last that will test creativity and marketing. Fashion should not dictate the shape of the body; the body should indicate the shape of fashion. For that we need interdisciplinary approaches with both scholarly and intriguing texts, that show women how physical beauty and mental health are related to freedom of the body and respect for it.

If a pair of too-tight shoes causes discomfort, the alternative is not to go in socks as Einstein did. Fashion isn’t dead. It just has to round the to reach the open sea of new awareness. It’ll trillo those who are ready to catch the new wind.

Anna Masucci (fashion journalist, was on the board of some of the most representative magazines in her field)